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Deanna Morse, Film and Video Production Professor Emerita Joins Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Deanna Morse portrait wearing a purple shirt
Deanna Morse – Courtesy Photo

Deanna Morse, professor emerita in Film & Video Production who has dedicated her career to animation was recently invited to serve as the ultimate peer in the Film industry. She is now a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Morse, who is part of the Short Films and Feature Animation branch, will participate in the nomination and voting process for the Oscars. Since her retirement, Morse moved to Oregon, where she continues to work on her films. Her most recent animation is titled “Recipe for Birds.” In this film, MorseĀ  where she worked with felting artist Corbin Brashear in an experience that was new to both. Brashear had never animated her work before, while Morse had never worked with felt before.

The Lanthorn recently congratulated Prof. Morse for her accomplishment through a news article published on September 8. The news was also published on GVNext on August 5. The Department congratulates Prof. Morse’s accomplishment!


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